UH OH! What Happened?

As you can see, the website has gone thru some big changes. I got tired of the original theme as every time it was updated (almost weekly) it broke the shopping cart and I would have to fix it. This new theme – Vantage – has been tested for over a month with no problems. […]

Another Way To Suspend Your UQ.

An easy way to use pack hooks to suspend your UQ.  Place the pack hooks 16″ from the ends of your hammock (both sides) and sew them on.  Using only the ends of your UQ (not the sides), run 4-5′ of  1/8″ shock cord thru each of the end channels. Insert a cord lock on […]

Digi Camo Hammock

Building a new hammock for the Easy Survival Hang this weekend. 10ft long, multiple side pull outs, dual layer so you can insert a pad or extra insulation, zipper bug net, left or right lay, 63 inches wide, removable top cover, extremely flat lay, whoopie slings, oh, and it’s camo! Just a few things to […]

Hammock Socks – Do they Work?

You betcha!  After a year long test of different styles, shapes, materials, etc. I have found MY perfect hammock sock. Hammock socks are made to block wind and retain heat by wrapping a breathable material around you and your hammock – sort of like a cocoon. Here in Indiana where the temperature falls to single […]

Less Than 5lb Sleeping System

Well, getting older is no fun – you just can’t carry the fantastic loads of 20 years ago. By fantastic, I mean 50-70 lbs of gear – in one backpack!  Today the average is half that – 25-35 lbs.  The ultra lighters are in the sub 20 or high teens range.  I like my creature […]

A New Light Weight Suspension For Your Underquilt.

After fussing with my UQ suspension, I decided to make a new one. It uses less shock cord per side and the suspension will work on 8ft to 11ft hammocks. First you need 4 – LineLok 3’s and 4 mitten hooks from DIY Gear Supply and 80 inches per side (160 inch total) of 1/8″ […]

Great Bicycle Touring Resource

As one who would rather pedal a bicycle across the USA instead of driving, I have a great resource for bicycle touring gear.  Lots of gear and lots of good advice and a great forum to chat with like minded individuals. http://www.cyclocamping.com/   This is my touring rig. It has a lot more dents and […]

DIY Stuff Sack Dimensions

Greets all!  This post is for those of you who want to make stuff sacks for your underquilts or top quilt. For the Foyle (60×46) you will need a piece of material 18Lx22W inches. For the Barnaby and Lewis you will need a piece of material 22Lx24W inches. These dimensions are with a 1/4″ seam […]